Data Governance Frameworks Collection

A data governance framework is the collection of rules, processes, and role delegations that ensure privacy and compliance in an organization's enterprise data management.  Since the start of the Data Governance movement several foundational frameworks have guided others. These are some of originals and some other examples.  You can jump directly to each directly from the list below:

•  What is a framework used for?
•  DMBOK Data Governance Framework
•  The Data Governance Institute Framework
•  KiK Consulting DG Framework
•  NASCIO DG Implementation Framework
•  IBM Elements of Effective Data Governance
•  Model State Government Framework
  Baseline Consulting DG Framework 
•  UW–Madison Office of Data Management & Analytics Services
•  Info-Tech's Data Governance Framework

What is a framework used for?

Frameworks can provide:

  • A system of ideas for guiding subsequent analyses 
  • A means of organizing measures, project data, and then assessing progress
  • Assistance evaluating priorities for data decision making 
  • Multiple views into assessing overall functionality
  • The measures used to determine ROI 
  • A means of assessing progress 

 DMBOK Data Governance Framework

Originator: copyright DAMA International–more at Technics Publishing or

The Data Governance Institute Framework

Originator:  Gwen Thomas – more at

KiK Consulting DG Framework

Originator:  Bob Seiner

NASCIO DG Implementation Framework

IBM Elements of Effective Data Governance

Originator:  Steve B. Adler

Model State Government DG Framework

Originator:  Carlos Rivero – more Office of Data Governance and Analytics

Baseline Consulting DG Framework

Originator:  Jill Dyché – more:  Baseline Consulting

Office of Data Management & Analytics Services

A clear example from academia.

Info-Tech's Data Governance Framework

More:  Info-Tech

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