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The phrase 'Data Projects' is kind of vague, isn't it? By focusing on the data first, I have proven that it is relatively easy to add value. This value must be understood and agreed upon before any data evolution can be scoped.

A variety of options have been accommodated in the past–ranging from free class projects, paid internships, sponsored classes, and paid project work.  Circumstances may dictate use of VCU | School of Business | Information Systems Department capabilities and resources.  Since 1981, these collaborations have come in all shapes/sizes and accumulated tens of millions of dollars in sponsorship totals.  These have provided the foundations hundreds of student experiences as well as material for several books and articles (for example: development and calibration for the precursor to the CMMI/DMM was validated by a number of years of student classes, click here to read more). I have described a few options below.  

If you are interested in learning more about these or other approaches to resolving some of your data challenges, the first step is to reach out and schedule a call.  Yes, that is my mobile number in the header.   I use do not disturb and all sorts of call filtering but that said, please feel free to reach out directly, by text, email or schedule an appointment.  I love hearing about and assisting with your challenges! 

Some Collaboration Options

VCU (and other University) Class/Student Projects

Key to a successful class project is timing. We need to begin planning the semester prior to the class engagement. If you think about starting a project at the end of the semster, class projects can be successfully engineered to provide foundational materials

It is mutually beneficial for your company and VCU to begin a partnership. VCU can be a source of talent and expertise. When needed, you can tap the reservoir of knowledge created by sharing your data and problems with the academic community. VCU can use the real world experience gained from you for teaching and research.

Example - A local retail business needed to consolidate two separate piles of data. The class reverse engineered the existing system, analyzed it, and created a map and code to accomplish 80% of the migration!

Other examples include researching a new machine learning alternative to your existing approach or getting a handle on data governance in your enterprise. We have extended these collaborations to cross several semesters. One advantage is that these projects often have no cost associated with them.

Sponsored Research/Commercial Projects

Over the years we have accomplished collaborative projects amounting to $10s of millions with a variety of organizations (including classified work for the government). These have provided the foundations for several books and articles (for example: development and calibration for the precursor to the CMMI/DMM was validated by a number of years of student classes–click here to read more). Over 21 years Data Blueprint accomplished this in cooperation with VCU.  Now Anything Awesome carries on this role.

Almost half of my career, I have spend working in a full time capacity with seven different organizations as part of these immersions. I believe these have been among my most rewarding learning experiences. I have spent time as part of teams, helping to implement:

• Metadata repository capabilities
• Active data governance
• Organizational data strategies
• Centers of Excellence
• Reengineering legacy systems
• Proving data value propositions
• Data strategy
• Governance

Cool - I love Executive Education and I have a whole page devoted it. Most end up being custom created just for the organization.

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