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Data Ed Online is the the longest running (12 years and counting) free, live webinar dedicated to data management topics

At least it is free?   Seriously we have been doing this since 2012 and are ever perfecting the format based around a 60-minute lecture, followed by a 30 minute question & answer session.

Data Ed Online is my monthly data management webinar that focuses on how to unlock business value through foundational data management practices and techniques

All webinars consist of a 60-minute presentation, followed by a 30-minute interactive Q&A session - come join the discussion!

Produced in conjunction with our long time partners at Dataversity who have the finest collection of data management educational resources on the web.

Yes - all registrants will receive a link to the recording a couple of days after each event

Dataversity sends a link to the slides within two business days after the webinar. You are always welcome to repurpose my slides with attribution! Many of them originated with you in the first place. Please let me know if you want the original source files?

Strategy is where Data Architecture and Data Governance Collide

11 October 2022 19:00 UTC (2:00 pm NYC)

While collide is perhaps a strong term to use to describe the key area where data architecture and data governance interact, it does provide motivation to perhaps calm the traffic and avoid further collisions. In order to harmoniously interact, architecture and governance must literally be working from the same diagram (singing from the same sheet of music). The worst time to try to accomplish this is on a short term decision. Better still to educate each group to the function of the other and major issues upcoming. A shared data literacy exercise can provide a good starting point.

Learning objectives:

•  Gaining a good understanding of both important
   topics, each’s relationship to the other, and what
   is required for each to be successful
•  Not to have the first conversation be the important one
•  Coordination is key requiring necessary
    interdependencies and sequencing
•  Integration challenges can be valued,
    assisting shared priority development

[ Illustration from Two Stars Collide (feat. String Bone) ]

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