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Key Elements of a Successful Data Governance Program

13 June 2023 19:00 UTC (2:00 pm NYC)

At its core, data governance (DG) is: managing data with guidance. This immediately provokes the question: would you tolerate any of your assets to be managed without guidance? (In all likelihood, your organization has been managing data without adequate guidance and this accounts for its current, less-than-optimal state.) This program provides a practical guide to implementing DG or recharging your existing program. It provides an understanding of what data governance functions are required and how they fit with other data management disciplines. Understanding these aspects is a necessary pre-requisite to eliminate the ambiguity that often surrounds initial discussions and implement effective data governance/stewardship programs that manage data in support of organizational strategy. Delegates will understand why data governance can be tricky for organizations due to data’s confounding characteristics. Success comes by focusing on four key DG elements

#1 Keeping DG practically focused
#2 DG must exist at the same level as HR
#3 Gradually add ingredients (practicing and getting better)
#4 Keeping data governance active through value-focused storytelling

Q:  What is Data-Ed Online?
A:  Free Live Data Education Webinars

Data Ed Online is the the longest running (13 years and counting) free, live webinar dedicated to data management topics

At least it is free?   Seriously we have been doing this since 2012 and are ever perfecting the format based around a 60-minute lecture, followed by a 30 minute question & answer session.

Data Ed Online is my monthly data management webinar that focuses on how to unlock business value through foundational data management practices and techniques

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