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Data Ed Online is my monthly data management webinar that focuses on how to unlock business value through foundational data management practices and techniques.

All webinars consist of a 60-minute presentation, followed by a 30-minute interactive Q&A session - come join us!

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Data Management vs.
Data Governance Programs 

14 December 2021 19:00 UTC (2:pm NYC)

Both data management and data governance are relatively new disciplines. It can be helpful to understand the differences between and relationship each has to the other. Data governance: managing data with guidance kind of says it all. But we do need to dive more deeply into these two fascinating topics and understand how to position both for maximum success. After all your first task after assuming leadership positions in either organization, will be explaining what the effort is supposed to accomplish and how it is to accomplish it.

Objectives include understanding:

•  Both data management and data governance
    and each’s relationship to the other
•  What is required for each to be successful
•  What working well together means in this context

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